GEMA JIČÍN, s.r.o.
3000 m2 of storage spaces
CSN ISO 9001:2001
GEMA JIČÍN, s.r.o.

GEMA Jičín s.r.o., a company with 15 years of tradition, was established in 1995 with the intention to satisfy specific requirements of customers in the field of logistics and goods storage. This is also documented by the quality management system certificate according to CSN ISO 9001:2001. The first storage space was purchased in 1996. In the following years, the storage capacity increased up to the current 3,000 square meters. The credo of GEMA JIČÍN is the customer’s satisfaction and fulfilment of its liabilities so that the good business name is built and protected. The logo of GEMA Jičín was registered in the Czech Republic as a trademark to increase security and transparency on the market. The company has been reaching very good economic results in the long term and its prior economic results always were profitable.

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